In 2021, Metikulus did a couple interviews with Holden over at 'Behind That Suit'. Take a look at them below!

Music Releases

Primarily known for producing rap/trap/R&B/dancehall beats & riddims, he also releases cloud rap instrumentals to Spotify from time to time. Take a listen here!

Dreamstate (Single)

Hallucinations (Single)

In 2014, he released 2 projects. Rise of the Last Titan was a project completely produced by Metikulus. Later in that year after moving to Toronto, he teamed up with Toronto native Mark Jordan, to release the Heavyweights project. Take a listen below!

Metikulus - Rise of the Last Titan (Album)

Mark Jordan & Metikulus - Heavyweights (Mixtape)

Music Videos

Music Videos from other artists on a Metikulus Production.

Photo Gallery

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