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Metikulus is a professional freelance music producer and audio engineer from Montreal, Canada who is now in the process of building out an enterprise.
Father. Composer. Recording. Mixing & Mastering Engineer. Digital Marketing Strategist. Artist Development. Record Label Owner. Music Business Consultant. Music Publishing.

Metikulus learned early that music flowed through his bones. Having been a musician, rapper, Disc Jockey, CEO, manager, mixtape host, composer, songwriter, producer, music video director and visual & graphic artist over the years, Metik has made sure to make a name for himself in the Montreal region in the music industry. After working with a lot of the English artists in Montreal, he moved to Toronto to gain knowledge, experience and to network. He decided after 3 and a half years to move back to Montreal to take on a full-time sound engineer position at a studio located in the downtown core.

Focusing on producing a wide array of styles of music, he is currently looking and studying hybrid music. He is currently working on his debut instrumental album, “DreamState”, which will be a blend between psy-trance, witch house, ambient and R&B music. 2 songs from the album have been released, "Hallucinations" & "DreamState" with more to come.

In the summer of 2020 he decided to build a home studio, and to start his own independent record label (Win-Win Situation Music Group). It currently has 2 acts under the imprint: Darkhall artist Viva Lableue & himself.

Recently, Metikulus was interviewed by a Montreal podcast, 'Behind That Suit' with Holden. Check out a couple clips below.

Check out Viva's video, "I KNOW", directed by House of Anubis Productions, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Metikulus.

Stay caught up with what is happening in the world of Metikulus. Just trust me!

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